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New Patients Receive Free Consultation!

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New Patients

New Patients

The new patient exam visit is approximately 30 minutes.

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On your first visit you will meet our staff, verify electronic paperwork or fill out new paperwork, sign a HIPPA privacy act form and Payment agreement form.

Then you will be taken to our scan room and be introduced to chiropractic theory in a short video segment.Our doctors will perform a Chiropractic EMG and Thermal scan which will produce an image showing you and him exactly where your spine is being affected and discuss the effects that has on your nervous system, body, and health in general. This scan is non-invasive and has no radiation.

Following, our doctors will then perform a chiropractic adjustment and discuss a treatment plan for you.

Finally you will check-out at the front desk and schedule your next appointment.

Subsequent appointments are 5-10 minutes.

Patient Intake Forms

For your convenience, we have made all of our patient forms available to you here electronically. Please fill them out and select submit, we will import them into our database prior to your appointment.

This way you can do them at your convience and not spend extra time prior to your appointment.

Click Here to Fill Out NEW Patient Intake Forms
(Note: You will be redirected to mychirotouch.com, our new online system)

We look forward to meeting you!


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